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Michelle and Ted

Stall herkules

– Quality Shire and Clydesdales in Sweden –

We are a family run business, for us it´s a way of life. We are situated in a small village in the southern part of Sweden.

Our vision is to breed modern, healthy Shire and Clydesdale horses, a horse with action and frame, a horse with quality bone, feet, hair and movements.

The most important thing for us, is to breed horses, with a kind and pleasant  temperament. 

  • A horse for the showring
  • A horse for the hitch team or
  • A horse for the family

Our Mission

We have been keeping, breeding and showing, top quality Shire and Clydesdales for more than 20 years.

Herkules Shires has won numerous National Championships in both Sweden and Denmark, but for us, the very best of competition is in the UK, at the National Show, to where we frequently send horses to be shown. We always have mares with different bloodlines, of different type and color.

Our predominant sire is Moorfield Ted, the legendary Super Premium stallion, for now and the future. He has twice been the Reserve Champion Stallion at the National Shire Horse Championships at Peterborough and has been a class winner at The National Championships several times. He has also qualified for the Horse of the Year Show on several occasions.

Like his father, Moorfield Edward, Ted is a tremendous stock getter and he is a Super Premium awarded stallion, lifetime approved for breeding. He won the reserve Champion Stock Stallion award 2011 (his father Moorfield Edward was the champion) and was third in both 2012 and 2013, points being awarded on the basis of progeny exhibited at the National Shire Horse Championship Show and at the Final of the Shire Horse of the Year Show.

One of Ted´s daughters has won National Champion Female and the Junior National Champion Female on more than one occasion and she went on to be Supreme Champion at the 2013 Horse of the Year Show. Two of Ted´s sons; Herkules What´s Wanted and Herkules Catching Fire, has both won best yearling colt at the National Show in 2018 and 2019, Catching Fire went on to be reserve junior champion, up against mature stallions.

Herkules What´s Wanted has been exported to the US, and has been very successful in the showring over there, he was also named All North American Yearling Stallion in 2018. Ted is a fabulous breeder being the son of Moorfield Edward but adding a different dimension because his grandfather is Gronant Duke.

Moorfield Edward, Teds father, was, and still is, probably the best producer of modern times. Even after his death his progeny keeps impressing, National Champion female 2019 is sired by him, reserve junior champion and winner of the 3 yo fillies; our Skovly Rosie is also sired by Moorfield Edward.

Ted’s mother is Moorfield Victoria, a frequent champion and HOYS qualifier, and full sister to Moorfield Charles. His great grandfathers were two of the greatest stallions in the past 60 years, Hillmoor Enterprise and Cubley Charley.

Moorfield Ted is the sire of  one of our most successful females, Sparkland Katherine, she was sent over to be shown in UK as a 3yo, and she did very well, winning some of the biggest summer shows in UK that year and qualifying for the prestigious Horse Of the Year Show. She later came home and gave birth to her first daughter, Herkules First Lady.

Herkules First Lady was maybe the most successful Clydesdale foal of 2015 in Scotland, as she won all the big foal shows and made us very prod as breeders and owners. We have been able to put our show horses in the hands of maybe the best show men in UK and Scotland. Inspiration and knowledge lives forever and it´s an honor to watch and learn from these masters.

Michelle & Christer